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Nancy Liando Coleman

Random Facts About You?
A dreamer and a believer.
Born and raised in Indonesia with Chinese heritage on background. English is the second language. Lived in China for years.
Bachelor of art in Visual Communication Design, but more interested in fashion.
Choose night time until dawn as the best time for crafting and designing.

What got you started crafting?
I started crafting when i was in kindergarten, my mom bought me 'cut and glue' book for children and i got the 'calling' ever since. Then when i realized that English and Art were the only subjects i got an A+ on it, i believe i was born to be an Artist . for real...

What is your source of inspiration?
Pop art colors, Indonesian cultures and traditions, graphic patterns, something weird , mix and match media and also the fashion trends.

What have you made recently?
The Statement Necklaces and earrings that inspired by East meets West culture, i tried to mix Indonesia traditional cloth called Batik with some lace fabrics or even Shoe laces. Also some accessories that inspired by pop art and summer colors. I' ve played a lot with mixed media for the details recently.

Where do you sell your crafts presently?
I used to sell my stuff on Etsy . But since i got married and got busy with my immigration visa, i decided to close it for awhile. But, i still have them posted on my Facebook page and sell them through friends. I am also using Blogspot and Deviantart to blog or showcase the items .

Why are handmade crafts important to you?
Handmade tells story. Every item has their own story. How they made and when they made. Always a touch of personal feelings and hearts on every item.

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